CHARLOTTE , NORTH CAROLINA - For years, the 1611 KJV Baptist Church here in Charlotte has preached on the authority and inerrancy of the 1611 King James Bible translated over 400 years ago. On their website, you can see an entire section of sermons and articles defending the 1611 King James Version of the Bible.

The Holy Wit also obtained a video that shows the children putting on a skit where they chant, "The 1611 means ya go'n to heaven", and "KING JAMES BIIIIIBBBBLLLLLEEEE, If it was good enough for Paul, it's good enough for me."

Recently, the church realized they don't actually use the 1611 edition, but a later revision from the 1700's.

"Really? I didn't know that", said Sunday School Teacher Barbra Nuemaker. "Isn't the 1611 edition the same as the later editions?"

The Pastor said he was aware of the revisions, but that the meaning didn't change. We then showed him how Ezekiel 6:8 in the 1611 said "that he may" while the 1769 edition says "that ye may". The Pastor said it was a typo in the 1611 and it should read ye. "It is a one letter difference."

We then showed him how the latest Cambridge and the latest Oxford printings of the KJV differ. In Jeremiah 34:16, the Oxford says "whom he", while the Cambridge says, "whom ye". The pastor said clearly the Cambridge version is correct.

We asked if he was going to change the name of his church from 1611 KJV Baptist Church to 1769 KJV Baptist Church, and he said, "No. God gave his perfect preserved word in 1611."