ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Joel, as his custom is, was glued to the TV and watching CNN tonight, and he saw yet another report of terrorist attack in America. One person was killed by a Muslim who declared allegiance to ISIS. He immediately jumped out of his recliner, and called all of his family and friends, telling them that the Bible is being fulfilled before our eyes, and that Jesus may come tonight.

"Jesus is Coming. Really soon. Maybe even tonight", he said. "This is fulfilling Bible prophecy as we speak. Did you know that there has been a lot of natural disasters lately? I honestly don't know if I should even go into work on Monday."

However, not everyone thinks the end is near and that this proves Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. We ran into a man named Jason who knows Joel, "He is my uncle", Jason said. "Listen, I love him to death. He loves the Lord and loves his family, but anytime something bad happens anywhere in America, he gets all excited and proclaims that End Time Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled, and Jesus is definitely coming back any minute. Than after days go by, and months go by, and years go by, and decades go by, he changes his interpretation of all the apocalyptic biblical texts that he previously used to prove that Jesus is coming back this week."

Jason added, "I hope Jesus does come back, so I can stop hearing my uncle talk about Jesus coming back."