SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA - Local businessman and father of three Paul Jersuski has been telling everyone he knows that he has just become a Roman Catholic. However when we spoke with this close friends, including his wife Mary, they were shocked because Paul had been a Roman Catholic his whole life.

"I don't get it", one friend said. "I knew him since fourth grade. We grew up together, played sports together. We were in the same confirmation class, we were altar boys: why is he now telling everyone he is now a Roman Catholic all of a sudden?"

His wife was even more confused. "We have been married for ten years, and have had three children together. We have attended the Basilica downtown for the last 6 years. Why is he suddenly telling everyone he is Roman Catholic? Beats me", Mary said.

We met up with Paul to ask what made him start telling everyone he was now a Roman Catholic, since he had been a Roman Catholic his entire life.

"I was baptized as an infant. I attended a Catholic high school. I have been attending the Roman Catholic church with my family for years. But I didn't really know what Roman Catholics believed until recently", Paul said.

"I had know idea our church gave us the Bible and that Peter was the first Pope, that's pretty cool. The churches my coworkers attend have nothing on that. We also can trace all our popes back to Peter, and the most amazing thing I recently learned, is that in the Lord's supper I am actually eating the flesh and blood of Christ! No really, literally, I am not joking", Paul said with excitement.

"I had no idea about these things. I didn't even know Mary was born without original sin and was bodily taken up into heaven to become the Queen of the Universe and hear our prayers. I didn't know Mary played such a huge role in my salvation!"

"I didn't know that the Pope was infallible in matters of doctrine - I mean how can we go wrong as Roman Catholics with an infallible Pope? Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Do protestants have an infallible teacher? Nope. That is why I am now telling everyone I am a Roman Catholic, because all these years I never knew what a Roman Catholic believed."

His family and friends are still puzzled by all of this, but he seems happier so they are just leaving him alone.