PORTLAND, OREGON - Congregation in shock as Senior Teaching Pastor of Bible Baptist Church, Drew Walters, actually did some exegesis on a portion of scripture in his Sunday morning sermon.

"He opened his Bible, turned to the book of Romans, found chapter 3, and read out loud verses 19-25. Usually at this point he would go off on his usual rant about President Obama, and how the Muslims are taking over, and how if he were President things would be much better. Instead something shocking happened, that hasn't happened in years. He actually taught on verses 19-25 for the entire sermon", Richard Bradley said.

"He did it. I couldn't believe it. He stayed on point the entire sermon as if he spent time studying that portion of scripture", Joyce Simpson shared. "When I came hear five years ago, he always taught the Bible. It was such a blessing."

"Then for some reason, he stopped teaching the scripture and instead would read some Bible verses, then preach about politics, conspiracy theories, sports, and movies. He would go on and say how back in his day, people actually feared God. Also, every sermon had at least one or two  stories of himself as a boy; himself as a teenager; himself as a man before marriage; himself as a man after marriage; himself as a man before his first kid; himself as a man after his second kid; and the numerous illustrations of how God spoke to him directly about something and he obeyed. After about 20 minutes of that, there would be an altar call and 'Just as I am' was song, and we would go home."

"I hope he continues to teach what the Bible actually says", Kelly Cummings, Sunday School Teacher said. "What a blessing it was to hear from God this morning!"