EARTH - In an unprecedented event, for the first time since God created the heavens and the earth, Christians on earth have decided to act like Christians, but only on social media, and only for one day.

Even heaven itself cannot believe, that brothers and sisters saved by grace could get along for one day on social media. "It is surreal", said Michael the archangel. The apostle Paul was overheard saying, "Really? That's good to here."

Apparently, the teaching of "Love one another" went out in such a way that communicated this to Christians around the world (even though it has been written down in the Bible for thousands of years) and they have decided they would obey the command and give it a try, but just for one day, and just on social media.

"It's a good start. I am a Pastor, and have studied theology for over three decades. The whole time, I knew the Bible said we wouldn't all agree about everything, and that we were still to love one another. I cannot believe it is going to happen for one day, even if it is just on social media", said Pastor John Aaron.

"You honestly think this will happen?", says Justin. "I don't believe it for a second. Just wait until one of those Fundamentalists logs in to Facebook. Just wait."

Another facebook user said, "Sure, the church could do it for one day on social media. But you know there are other ways to slander the brethren. We'll just have to go back to the old ways of doing it, like having 'roast preacher' for dinner."

Regardless of what some skeptics have said, messages of praise for the one day cease fire rang out from churches around the world!

"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.", said one church. Another church posted, "This is a great step. Maybe we can make it two days!" Several users were quick to reply, "You aren't even Christian, why do you even care?"

Local Independent Fundamentalist Bible (IFB) Believing Baptist Pastor updated his Facebook status this morning, saying, "Okay, I'll agree to this. Only on one condition. The very next day, I will get back to showing everyone they are wrong and I am right on social media."

The date for the cease fire is scheduled for this Easter.

UPDATE - Christians on social media have already started arguing about whether we should call it "Easter" or "Resurrection Day". Accusations of worshiping Ishtar, being legalistic, or being too liberal have already started being sent out at record speed.