YOUTUBE - Youtube user nightrain50, posted a video entitled, "Proof God is real google earth images Jesus's face." The description of the video states, "100% proof God is real or Google Earth is fake..." The video has over 800,000 views with 4,499 likes and 1,634 dislikes at the time of this article. Here is a link to the video.

In the video, he uses Google Earth, and navigates to different locations on the globe, then overlays images he found on the internet of Jesus' face, a serpent, a lion etc, thus, proving that God is real or Google Earth is fake.

Many have praised the video saying, "Wow, this is amazing. The Creator of the Universe has literally carved out parts of the earth in the face of his Son." Another youtuber said, "Take that atheists and agnostics, you have no excuse now." Another youtuber said, "There you have it folks. 100% proof that God is real. This can't be fake. Google is not a Christian company so you know its true."

We reached out to nightrain50 and he gave us this statement.

"Since I posted this video hundreds of thousands of people have viewed it. People have told me that people have told them that many have been persuaded that God is real and have prayed the sinners prayer. I am just thankful that God has showed me this and I was able to share that with others. A lot of people won't read the scripture, or go to church, or listen to a sermon, but a lot of people will watch a video of me overlaying images I found on the internet of Jesus' face on different parts of the earth to determine if God exists or not. The evidence is clear and beyond any reasonable doubt, that God is real. You either accept God is real or Google Earth is fake. These are your only two options"