ALABAMA - Charismatic Parents, Joy and Jim were thrilled when they heard their 6 month old baby boy suddenly start speaking in tongues. "At first I couldn't believe it. How could it be that our child would start speaking in tongues so soon?", Joy said. "Then I remembered, John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost from the womb, and that this is what was happening to our son! Our son is really filled with the Spirit!"

"Our son is really filled with the Spirit!"

Her husband Jim was a little reluctant at first, that their 6th month old was speaking in tongues. He said, "You know I grew up in a Baptist church where they made fun of Charismatics all the time. Then I met my lovely wife, and found out there was something I was missing. The whole time I had been grieving the Spirit by not speaking in tongues, and not praying using nonsensical utterances. When I prayed with my understanding, I didn't really see God answer my prayers. Now that I pray without it, God has answered my prayers. I am just glad that my son is able to get a head start in his spiritual life."

Jim and Joy said their son doesn't even know how to speak English yet, but God has already gifted their son with the ability to speak in the heavenly language.

When we asked if the sounds their baby was making should just be considered normal, they immediately became enraged, and told us not to blaspheme the Holy Ghost, and slammed the door in our face.