PHOENIX, ARIZONA - Recent online seminary graduate and local twenty-one year old Senior Pastor Mark Sterling, has decided to leave the non-denominational denomination. He cities the overall lack of leadership, lack of vision, lack of sound bible teaching, and lack of standards as the reason he is leaving.

"I recently attended a non-denominational church when I was on a mission trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. They did things completely different. The music was different, the lighting was different and they didn't have a stage or any projectors", Mark said as one confused. "Then it hit me: people need to know what kind of church they are walking into, and a non-denominational church could literally mean anything, as I recently found out. So I decided to leave the non-denominational denomination.

We then asked Pastor Mark what denomination he was going to be affiliated with since he is leaving the non-denominational denomination, he said, "None of them. We just believe the Bible at our church." We asked if he could be more specific and he said, "All anyone needs to know that comes to our church is that we believe the Bible. That should be good enough."