TULSA, OKLAHOMA - Pastor Mike Rivera of Christ's Church decided to give the title of Co-Pastor to his wife and his children, in an unprecedented move. "We feel like we are all in this together. We are a family friendly church", Pastor Mike said. "Naturally my wife would be Co-Pastor since she is my wife. But I thought, what about my kids? Are not their lives affected by this ministry? Shouldn't they be servant leaders too? So I decided to give each of my children the title of Co-Pastor."

Many thought this was a great idea. Charlotte Moore told The Holy Wit that it is about time someone did this. "We tend not to think about the children. It is always about the Pastor and his Co-Pastor wife. Now the children shouldn't feel left out, since they share the burden of the ministry with mom and dad."

The Pastor is not just giving his children, Jarrod 14; and Angela 9; the title of Co-Pastor only, but the responsibility that comes with it. "They will be in charge over their respective age group." Jarrod, and Angela couldn't be happier. They can't wait to be in charge and have everyone do what they say.

"My kids have been so happy lately, since they became Co-Pastors. They are continually praising God for the ability to serve in the ministry. I just wish I did this sooner."