SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - Americans have partaken in numerous parades over the last several decades. San Francisco has been known for hosting many of such parades, such as 'Gay Pride Parades'. We recently sat down with the mayor and learned he planned on having a new parade that is set for next summer.

"Here in San Francisco we believe everyone has the right to express themselves, no matter what they choose to believe in. We are committed to not judging anyone unless they are people we disagree with", the mayor said. "Next summer, we plan on having our first annual 'Liars Pride Parade'. I will be in attendance, Former Secretary of State and soon to be President of the United States Hillary Clinton has already committed on being there and marching with us. We reached out to President Obama and he has cancelled his scheduled golf outing for that day, and will be there. Virtually all of congress has called or emailed us and said they would be delighted to march in our parade."

It is 2016, lying should be accepted by everyone. This is a civil right.

The story has been picked up by several major news outlets and polls show that people think it's a great idea. "Let's be honest, a lot of us are liars. It is good to finally be able to openly and publicly acknowledge that", says Bob. "We need to bring awareness to this issue and stop the shaming of liars. Liars have experienced shaming for centuries in every nation. It is 2016, lying should be accepted by everyone. This is a civil right."

With all the recent buzz, Pew Research polled Evangelicals and people that say they are 'born again', if they supported the 'Liars Pride Parade'. 40% were in favor;  34% were opposed to it, and they rest where undecided.

"It's a great idea", said Methodist Kevin Sharp. "We need to show our solidarity with them." We asked Kevin if it was a good idea for Christians to march in a parade that is taking pride in something that is clearly a sin, and condemned in scripture. Kevin responded, "We want to show our support for the people there. We are suppose to love the person, and hate the sin. I think it is important that they know we are for them, not against them."

With all the national media attention, the turnout for the first annual 'Liars Pride Parade' is expected to reach 100,000.