CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Pastor Jacob Hope presided over yet another funeral where he declared the deceased man to be in heaven. Many of the man's family and friends were relieved to hear that their father, brother, ex-husband of three women, bar friend, and non-church attender, was now safe in the arms of Jesus that Friday evening.

The pastor had nothing but glowing words to say to those in attendance. "It is a sad day for us, but not for him," pastor said. "We know that he is with Jesus now and that he is looking down upon us from heaven. He wants us to know that he will forever be in our hearts."

The pastor went on to say, "I remember speaking with him years ago, where he told me that he prayed the sinner's prayer when he was young child. Based upon the authority of scripture, because this man, at one point in his life, asked Jesus into his heart, he is with him in heaven. There really is hope for the hopeless."

"The pastor did a great job", family members and friends were overheard saying. "It is comforting to know that he is with the Lord now."