Houston, Texas - Modern day prophet Larry Graves received a startling revelation from the Lord this past Sunday while hosting a healing service at his church. "It was right after I healed someone of a broken heart that I saw a vision", the prophet said. "What I saw was shocking. I stood there trembling as a I received a word from the Lord."

At that point I fell backwards to the ground. The congregation was dismayed. Usually they fall backwards, not the prophet. "What could this mean?", a church member was heard saying. "He must be really hearing from God this morning since he is the one that fell backwards."

After a few moments, prophet Larry Graves arose and said the following prophesy, "Listen to me. God has just spoken to me in a vision, right here before you all. Thus saith the Lord, something life changing will occur for all of us in the next 100 to 120 years."

The jam-packed crowd gasped and waiting eagerly to hear the rest of the prophecy from on high. "Thus saith the Spirit, something life changing will happen to all of us in the next 100 to 120 years. Everyone in this room will be affected by it. Yea, Also the entire world will be affected by what God is about to do. There is no escaping it. The Lord has spoken."

The people rejoiced and were glad when they learned that God was going to do something for them all in their lifetime. "We don't usually hear a prophecy quite like this. This one applied to everyone in the entire world. What a blessing. May the Lord open up his treasures in heaven and shower upon us this promise in the next 100 to 120 years."