NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Back in the 90's a New York Times Best Selling Book came out called, The Bible Code. The book claimed that there were secret messages encoded within the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament. These hidden messages could allegedly be found by a method in which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message.

You start with a particular letter, than you would skip, lets say 50 letters, and see what or if it would spell out anything coherent. Following this process, the author found an amazing amount of messages contained in the Old Testament that were hidden for thousands of years until the author, Michael Drosnin, came along.

Michael Drosnin was recorded as saying, "God does speak to us today, in an encoded fashion, that with my book, you can now decode." He went on to say, "Not content with what the Bible plainly says? Read my book to find the 'secret' hidden knowledge of God that he didn't want to reveal in plain language."

The book was a huge success, and since his initial book, Michael has written several other Bible Code books.

Now years later, Michael admits that he left out of his books an encoded message that he found in the Old Testament: here is what it said,

"There is no Bible Code. Stop it - God."

"I was shocked when I first found this message", Michael said. "It totally went against everything I had been doing over the last several years. At first I brushed it off, because this message was likely due to just arbitrarily stringing together unrelated letters and words from a book, so this code was probably not legitimate."

Michael told us he plans on releasing a new book just before Christmas entitled, "The Bible Code: How to Know what Messages in the Code are from God and what Messages are Not." Amazon has already sold out in pre-orders at the time of this article.