BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - A woman who has had two abortions while she was in her early twenties has become pregnant for the third time. However this pregnancy is different. She plans on keeping this one and is now calling the thing in her womb a baby, only being three to four months into her pregnancy.

"I am excited I am having a baby!" , the woman said. "My friends are so excited for me. I cannot wait to meet him or her!"

However a Christian she knows at work pointed out her inconsistency in calling this thing in her third pregnancy a baby, while the other two pregnancies she aborted, it was just 'a bundle of cells', 'not a baby', and 'just a fetus'.

The woman didn't really know how to respond and didn't attempt to. Shen just ignored him as her custom was and continued to rejoice that she was finally a mother for the first time.