JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - A man attending a free rock concert, "The Rock of Ages Show", mistakenly attends a church worship service, and didn't realize it, until the end when a young man with ripped jeans whispered softly into a microphone about Jesus.

"It was kinda weird", Anthony Brown told us. "I was enjoying myself at first. I was hearing music back from my teenage years. They played some Cold Play, Michael Jackson, Queen, and others. I thought to myself, this opening band isn't that bad."

Anthony went on to describe how the lighting was perfect, there were huge flat screens everywhere, and they had this really cool fog machine. "Everyone was so friendly and that is really unusual for a rock concert", he said.

"After they played about five or six songs, a young man went on to the stage from the crowd. He screamed, 'Are you ready to Praise the LORD? I s-a-i-d, ARE YOU READY TO PRAISE THE LORD!?!' The crowd went wild. It was at that moment I realized, I must of went to the wrong place."

"The young man then changed his voice for some reason, and started whispering softly into the microphone about Jesus."

A little while later, the evening was coming to a close when they sang "The Rock Show" by Blink 182, but the singers changed the lyrics a little bit:

Hanging out behind the church on the weekend

Acting holy, getting drunk in Spirit with my best friends

I couldn't wait for the summer and VBS school

I remember it's the first time that I saw Him there

Because I fell in love with the Lord at the rock show

He said, "What?" and I told Him that I didn't know

He's so cool, gonna walk in through the straight gate

Everything's better when He's around

I can't wait 'til He raptures us out of town

I fell in love with the Lord at the rock show

After the song, the Pastor got back on stage and said, "With every head bowed and every eye closed, let me ask you a question: Will you make this song, your song, today? Fall in love with Jesus at the rock show. For He is the Rock of Ages, He is the Solid Rock, and our hope is built on nothing less."

We asked Anthony how he heard about the concert. He said he received a flyer about it in the mail two weeks ago. "It was advertised as 'The Rock of Ages Show', a free concert with songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's. I had no idea that this was a church worship service, but now I get it."