BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA - For the first time in history, many Charismatic and Pentecostal churches are coming together to produce a Christian album, and this album is like no other, in that it is entirely sung in tongues.

We recently sat down with one of the producers, Scott Malone, and interviewed him about this new album. "I can't believe we didn't do this any sooner," Scott Malone  said. "Several of us at the church of God feel led to produce this ground breaking Christian album. We desire to continue making tongues the all important issue, like a lot of us  already do. Therefore we saw it was fit, as did the Holy Ghost,  to create the first Christian album entirely sung in unknown tongues."

He went on to say, "We have all kinds of songs and hymns we plan on including in this album, as well as different styles. There will be bluegrass, rock, electronica, quartets, acapella, and congregational singing on the album. People will be blessed when they listen to our Spirit filled music."

They are still determining which songs to sing on the album, since they believe it is important to pick the best songs that the church has loved through out the ages, and sing them in unknown tongues, so no one knows what they are.

Scott said they have reached out to several well known Christian artists to see if they would join them in being part of this work. "Some of them said that it sounded like a great idea, but they do not speak in tongues. I told them, we will lay our our hands upon you and pray for you without ceasing that you would receive the gift of tongues, and if that doesn't work, we will teach you how to speak in tongues and nobody would know the difference."

We asked Mr. Malone what the name of the album would be called. "We haven't really decided on it yet. The number one contender for the title is "Only God Knows". We also thought about putting random Hebrew & Greek letters on the cover, since we really have no idea what the Spirit is going to do. Naturally, the album will not have the lyrics printed inside, nor provide any interpretation with it, thus keeping with our practice of not having an interpreter, just like in all our church services."

UPDATE: Earlier this afternoon, The Holy Wit received an email from Scott Malone where he enumerates the tracks on their upcoming album:

  1. O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing

  2. No Mortal Tongue Can E'er Describe

  3. Will All the Power of Heart and Tongue

  4. In the Spirit

  5. Give me that Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Holy Ghost Baptism

  6. NADfaakhnoua dafasdfio943ax (original)

  7. Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Confusion

  8. WWJZFad vADfHSF Lnkjnfasd (original)

  9. May the Fire Fall on Us

  10. I'm a Pentecostal

  11. AdRda AVaeeill Adf2azf (original)

  12. ILViad vnadrafw AOIINGL niunxADf (original)