SARASOTA, FLORIDA - Bible collector Brian has purchased his twentieth Bible only to find yet  another presentation page that assumes someone purchased this Bible to give to someone else.

"I can't believe it", Brian said. "I have purchased every Bible from every publisher on earth: whether it be Cambridge, Oxford, Schuyler, or R.L. Allan only to find the same presentation page in each. These Bibles cost hundreds of dollars - why would they assume I am buying this for someone else?"

We looked at each of the twenty Bibles that Brian owns and sure enough, he was right: every single Bible has a presentation page that says,

Presented__To ______________________________,

By ______________________________

On ______________________________.

"Why do these publishers think no one would ever buy a Bible for themselves? It's kind of ridiculous." As we looked through each of Brian's Bibles, the presentation sadly only contained an entry in the "To" and "On" fields. The "By" field was blank in everyone one.

Brian's countenance noticeably changed, seeing no one had ever purchased him a Bible. So The Holy Wit decided to fill in the "By" line in each of the twenty Bibles Brian owned.

Presented To: Brian

By: The Holy Spirit through the Apostles and Prophets

On: Circa 90 A.D

Immediately Brian smiled and was full of joy, being reminded that God was the one who had given him his Bibles.