WASHINGTON D.C. - Donald Trump was speaking at a meeting held with evangelical leaders from around the country this past Thursday. At the meeting, Trump was not building a wall between evangelical voters and himself. Instead he was tearing down the barriers between himself and his fellow brothers.

Trump said in his speech how he is the best Christian and that he would get other best Christians to be part of the best presidency ever. He offered political power and influence to any evangelical leader that would publicly support him and encourage their followers to vote for him.

He said that one time, he gave a homeless man five bucks and he has personally read portions of the Bible. Evangelical leaders said to themselves, "We can use that to persuade people to vote for him." At the end of the speech, Trump said he would take a few questions. Someone asked, "What is your favorite Bible verse?"

At that moment, Trump's face became more red as he stumbled for a bit, then eventually said, "You know all of them are my favorite. It's really hard to decide. I guess... I guess if I had to pick one it would be that verse in Philippines that says, 'I can do all things'. It has really motivated me through out my life. It is great to know that God believes I can do all things, and you should too. I am the only one that can fix the problems in our country."