GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - A man recently told his pastor that he felt the call to preach - in his pastor's pulpit. "I have been faithfully attending this church for the last two months, and I believe that God want's me to preach from this pulpit", the man said. "I feel like I have been fighting God this whole time. Not anymore. I believe God is calling me to preach."

We spoke with the pastor about this, "Yea he told me that. He told me he feels like God is calling him to the ministry of his word. I told him that's great, what a blessing. I asked him if there is anything I could do for him to help him prepare for the ministry. To which the man told me, 'I am ready now. I can start this Sunday.'"

The pastor was startled by his words and didn't really know what to say. "I told him we shouldn't rush into things, and that if he wanted an opportunity to preach, we go out street preaching every month. But he wasn't interested in that and said he didn't feel called to that. I told him we have a nursing home ministry where he could preach, but he said again, he didn't feel called to that. I told him we go door to door, we go to the college and witness, want to join us? He said again, No. He said he only felt called to preach in front of the entire congregation and that is where the Lord was leading him."