RICHMOND, VIRGINIA- A man was walking downtown early Saturday morning and noticed a piece of paper on the ground. He decided to walk over to it, pick it up, and throw it in the trash. When he reached down to pick it up, he had no idea what he just found.

"It was a ticket to heaven", the man said. "It said it was good for one person, so I am glad I found it. Do you know where I can get other tickets to heaven for the rest of my family?"

The man then flipped over the ticket and noticed a few paragraphs of text written on it. It said, "May I offer you a ticket to heaven?" The man continued to read the terms of how one could gain entry to heaven. "At the end of the ticket, it said I could claim it by telling God words like this:

"Dear God, I have sinned. I know I have offended you in many ways. I am so sorry. I believe that Jesus suffered and died for my sins, paid my debt in full, and rose again. Jesus, I believe in you and thank you for what you’ve done for me. Please save me from the penalty of my sins, and give me a new birth and the power to live for you. Thank you for this offer to spend eternity with you!

"So I just recited those words like it said so now I am good", the man said. When asked if he truly meant it he said, "Yea". We praised the Lord and rejoiced with him and said, "We meet at church on Sunday at 9:45 to worship God and learn his ways that we might obey him."

The man said, "Why do I need to go to church, or learn about God and do what he says? I already have the ticket to heaven? Besides I usually go fishing on Sunday and it is really my only day to relax. You guys can go to church, I will see you in heaven."

The man left rejoicing  being assured in just a few minutes, that he would go to a better place one day, even though he had no interest in loving and serving the God that gave him his ticket to heaven.