PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY - A church hosted a walk in Princeton last Saturday where they "walked to end sin". "We are walking to end sin", organizer Pastor Winters said. "What says the scripture? Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. That is why we are here. We want to bring awareness to the destructive nature of sin, since it is the number one cause of death in the world."

The church was motivated to host such an event since everyone else hosts events where you walk to bring awareness to and end Lupus, Alzheimer's, HIV, Genocide, Cancer, Obesity, and everything else under the sun. So the church figured, maybe if we hold an event to end sin, people would support the cause.

The path for the "walk to end sin" was a straight a narrow way. If you turned to the right or the left you would see the normal stop signs, but the church had taped the word "SINNING" underneath the word "STOP" on them, so it cleverly read, "STOP SINNING".

The Pastor was clear, "We do not believe man can stop sinning without the grace of Jesus Christ. No man possesses in his own power the ability to overcome sin. But by his grace through the regenerating work of his Spirit, we can mortify the deeds of the flesh and obey Christ."

To their dismay, only 30 people showed up, and most where not from their congregation.

"I was disappointed at the turnout," Pastor Winters said. "I thought we would have at least a couple hundred people out here, walking with us to end sin. But only about 30 people came, and most were not even from our church."

The turnout may have been due to bad press leading up to the event. Princeton University condemned the walk. Local, regional, and national news media also joined in and condemned the walk. But that didn't stop Pastor Winters and his church from walking. "No matter what we plan on walking in the Spirit until the Lord comes", Pastor said.