TAMPA, FLORIDA - Church goers at a mega church in Tampa see bright light when someone mistakenly turned on the overhead lighting during the Sunday worship service.

"It is usually really dark inside. Kind of like going to a movie theater", Mike Williams, who was in attendance that Sunday, said. "Typically, people would enter the sanctuary and find themselves in a dimly lit atmosphere. Normally you would need to take out your smartphone, turn on the flashlight, in order to find seating. Thankfully, the church started a new ministry a few weeks ago, where people equipped with flashlights, would lead families from the back of the sanctuary to find a place to sit."

Mike went on to describe what took place. "Right in the middle of praise and worship, the whole place became brighter than the sun", Mike said. "We are not use to the light. People shielded their eyes and the eyes of their children, it was terrible. The worship team immediately stopped playing and shielded their eyes too. People were confused, since they had never experienced so great a light in that church service before."

"You could hear some people say, 'Is that Jesus? Is this the rapture?'. Within a few seconds, everyone's eyes adjusted and behold, Jesus wasn't there and there was no rapture."

The senior pastor came on stage and apologized to the congregation for experiencing light, since they have been so accustomed to darkness for so long. "We are sorry, we are experiencing some technical difficulties. Everyone stay calm. This isn't the rapture, Jesus isn't here."

After a few minutes, they realized someone turned on the overhead lighting. They flipped the switch, went back into darkness, and everything continued as it was as if no light had been shown to them.