SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA - During the end-of-the-year potluck, members of John the Baptist Church watched a power point presentation that highlighted what the church did over the last year, and they realized the only thing they did was eat food together.

Members of the church sat down in the fellowship hall after grabbing large amounts of fried chicken, fried turkey, black eyed peas, and corn bread. The Pastor announced that the church had put together a presentation that highlighted what the church did over the last year; what kind of ministry they performed. As they watched the presentation, they only saw pictures from the church's monthly potluck. What was missing was any kind of ministry outside the walls of the church.

People started to mumbling when a man said, "Is this really all we did last year?  What about the great commission? What about soul winning? What about going door to door? What about outreach in our schools?" The Pastor said, "Did anyone or any group in the church do anything beside eat food together this year? Because I know I didn't."

People looked around but not a word. Apparently the church only fed themselves that year. The leaders of the church were kind of embarrassed that the only thing they did over the last year was eat food together. There was no evidence they did anything outside of the church building.

Over the next week the church looked at some of the old power point presentations they had made over the years to see if there was any evidence of doing any ministry to anyone but themselves. As they reviewed the presentations, lo, it was picture after picture of the monthly potluck.

The leaders of the church were silent for a few moments, when a deacon said, "Well, our church sure has grown over the years."