COLUMBUS, OHIO - A Charismatic seeking the gift of tongues was instead given the gift to speak plainly. "I was earnestly desiring the gift of tongues and prayed and prayed for it. Nothing seemed to work," Sam Jones said. "I had the congregation pray for me, I fell backwards, I did the Holy Ghost Shuffle and the Holy Ghost laugh, but still did not receive the gift of tongues. Then all of a sudden I felt something come over me. Then I started to preach and praise God in my own tongue."

"It was kind of strange to hear someone actually praise God and lift up Jesus in my own language. I understood every word", Joy Jones said. "I am familiar with hearing people praise God in unknown tongues, but this, this was nice too."

Sam went on quoting from the word of God and exegeting scripture. He even prophesied over the people and said, "The will of God for your life is to love God and keep is commandments." People couldn't believe what he was saying, even though he was just saying what the scripture has been saying for thousands of years.

"He spake with such wisdom, such grace", Joy said. "It was beautiful. God really has blessed this man, even though he still doesn't have the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost."

Afterwards we met up with Sam, and he told us, "I am thankful that God has given me the gift to speak plainly to others, where I can glorify and magnify Jesus Christ in a way that others can understand me. In my opinion it is better to speak five words in a known tongue than ten thousand in an unknown tongue."