WILDWOOD, NJ - A Christian was spotted thanking God and himself for his salvation last week at church. The church had a time where members were given the opportunity to speak, and give testimony, and witness. A young man stood up, and started boasting on God and himself.

"I want to thank God and myself for salvation. I knew I was always looking for something I just didn't know what. I remember when I was a child I knew there was more to life than video games, I could feel it. Then I heard a friend of mine talk about Jesus. At first I didn't really like what was being said. But I considered the evidence, I logically thought things through and said, 'Sure, the Bible is pretty reliable.'"

"My friend told me, 'God has done all he could. All you have to do is accept him. He really wants you to accept him.' I was smart of enough to spot a good deal when I saw one. Live forever with no death, sorrow, crying or pain: or live forever burning in a lake of fire. The choice was easy to make for me. So that day, I decided to accept Jesus into my heart. I am thankful that I made the choice to save myself that day. It was the best decision I ever made. Oh, and thank you Lord for doing your part. I could not of done it without you."

Many in the church said "amen", and the pastor added, "You see this young man. This is all of our stories. God did everything he could do to save us. It is now on us. The ball is in our court. Are we going to accept Christ or reject him? The choice is ours."