ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Every time this man prays, he alters his voice. At least that is what our sources are saying. At the Wednesday night Prayer Meeting, it was Jimmy Smith's turn to pray when he decided to take a deep sigh, and alter his voice while praying.

"When it was Jimmy's turn to pray, he took a deep sigh, changed the volume and pitch of his voice, than started to pray. It annoyed all of us", Samantha Stern said. "Why does he do that?"

"This isn't the first time he has done this", Jill Barnes said. "He has been praying like this for ever. But we can't say anything to him, it would be rude. Whenever it is his turn to pray, we all kind of look around and roll our eyes. Why does he feel he has to become a different person when he prays. It's just not being honest."

Other members of the church said the same thing. Everyone seems to be aware of what is going on, except how they keep talking behind Jimmy's back instead of addressing him directly.