THIRD HEAVEN - A rich man surprisingly made it through the eye of a needle and ended up in heaven when he died last week, but became disappointed when his mansion was smaller than the one he had on earth.

"An angel showed me my new home where I will spend eternity", the rich man said. "I saw it and said, 'Is this it?'" The rich man became upset because the mansion he had on earth was considerably larger than the one given to him in heaven. "I thought it would be better", the rich man said. "My house on earth had double the square footage. This house... smaller."

The rich man started to complain to the angel that he didn't have a riverside lot where he could view the river of the water of life that flowed from the throne of God. "Where are the trees of life? I don't see any on my property to shade me from the glory of God that lightens this place."

The rich man also noted to the angel that he didn't like the area of town his mansion was in. "This is one of the worst lots in heaven. And why did he put me next to those people? You know what? Can you take me to see Jesus now. I have some questions for him".

The angel started to double check the book of like to make sure this man's name was written in it.