HOUSTON, TEXAS - A man says he is glad he lives in America in the 21st century where being a Christian is easy, unlike in the 2nd century, because if Christianity was going to cost him anything, he would not be a Christian.

Judas Luntz actually spoke boldly for once, but it wasn't in defense of the Christian faith, instead he spoke boldly that he would not have decided to be a Christian if he lived in the 2nd century. "Listen I love Jesus, but not that much", Judas said. "I heard someone say that Christians died for their faith way back then and were fed to lions, burned alive, and crucified. Um, If that's what it cost to be a Christian back then, I would not of been one. I'm glad being a Christian doesn't cost anything today."

Judas continued, "People were willing to die for Jesus and have their families slain because of their faith in Jesus? I don't get that. Wouldn't Jesus want you to love your family? This doesn't make any sense to me. I thought Jesus paid it all? Why do I need to pay for anything? He died for me, I don't have to die for him. He loves me no matter what, why would I be required to love him no matter what?"