SADDLEBACK CHURCH - A man listening to a sermon from Pastor Rick Warren has decided to "Try Jesus" after the Sunday Worship Service. At the end of the service, Pastor Rick Warren was trying to get people to repent and believe the gospel, but since those words appeared to be ineffective, he said, "Well, how about give Jesus a try? Can you do that? Give Jesus a try for sixty days, and if it doesn't work for you, then okay."

Rick Warren added, "Give him a trial. See if he'll change your life. I dare you to try trusting Jesus for sixty days. Or your money guaranteed back."

People started to respond and say, "Okay. What is there to lose? If I don't like it I can return Jesus because he didn't satisfy my wants, wishes, and desires. I mean, the reason why I am here is to seek God's hand not his face anyway."

We spoke with one man who was resistant to the call of repentance and faith,  but was receptive to the sixty day free trial period of Jesus. "I wasn't interested in repenting",  the man said. "I like how I am, I'm not really a bad person you know. I am not big into following rules, keeping commandments, or spiritual things. But earlier in the sermon I heard Jesus can make your life better and that I should test Jesus for sixty days and see if that wasn't true. I can get on board with that", the man said.

"I started my free trial of Jesus for sixty days. I am hopeful God will do great things for me. And be sure if he doesn't, I will cancel my free trial of Jesus and say it didn't do me any good."