NEW YORK, NEW YORK- An atheist Xavier Snyder continues to take God's name in vain, even though he denies his existent. Coworkers described him as someone who can't hold a conversation for more than a few minutes without saying "Jesus Christ", or "Oh my God", or  just simply "God", but not in the good way.

Often times Xavier would come into the room and say, "Jesus Christ it sure is hot outside." Or "For Christ's sake do your job!" Or a long, "JEEEEE-SUUUUSSS". Or "Oh my God that sounds great." This has made several of his Christian co workers upset.

"The language that comes out of his mouth...", Samantha said. "That poor thing."

Chris told us, "Anytime he says 'Jesus Christ', I immediately respond, 'Where?' He doesn't find that too amusing but it helps deter him from taking the Lord's name in vain for a few hours." Chris continued, "We asked him why does he keep saying Jesus Christ and God when he doesn't believe he exists? He never really responds and just starts complaining about 'Why would a loving God...', or 'If God is...'".

Chris said, "It just sounds like Xavier is mad at God about something but he won't admit it."