SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA - A church has decided to host a dance party for "tweens" and "teens" Sunday nights where middle school and high school children can come together for an exciting time and to have a worship experience.

Letters went out to the surrounding neighborhood informing parents of "a worship experience for students", where they can have fun in a safe laid back environment.

"Every Sunday Night is filled with high-energy worship, relevant sermons and an atmosphere for life-transformation. We believe that we are the generation of today!", the letter said. "We play basketball and dodge ball, have relevant music, relevant teaching, relevant experiences - it's all relevant."

The church added, "Don't worry there will be no drugs, no drinking, no fighting, and no cursing. Don't worry, Jesus won't be there either."

Parents were thrilled that it wasn't going to be a like a normal church service. "I am really happy. My son hates going to church but loves going to the dance party at this new church", Bryan said. "It is comforting to know that it is a safe place from drugs and alcohol and it is a place they won't have religion shoved down their throat."