WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - A teenager is now doubting the existence of God after being taught by his parents all his life that Santa Clause gave him presents at Christmas and that the Tooth Fairy exchanged children's teeth for cash.

"I remember when I was younger, asking my parents if Santa Clause was real. They said yes. Even as a young child, I found the idea of an overweight old man able to give presents to all the children of the world on one day kind of ridiculous. But my parents kept telling me Santa was real and that if I did good for goodness sake he would give me the things I wanted. They told me God was like that too."

"Now that I am 18, I doubt that God even exists. My parents insist that God is real but they also insisted Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter bunny was real too. My parents went to great lengths to convince me they were real. There were people dressed up in customs during those times of year - all to do what? I have no idea. Why would my parents teach me a lie?"

"We even changed churches recently, and we now attend a church that is more "seeker-friendly". This church reminds me more for a rock show than what a church actually is. I wonder if my parents are lying about God, and just trying to make me believe in this so I do certain behaviors they want?"

When the teenager confronted his parents about why they believe God exists, they didn't really have anything to say. They just said they believed it. When the boy asked why we should believe the Bible, the parents didn't have a response.