DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA - Charismatics living in Florida are using their God-given authority to "bind" the Category 4 Hurricane that is headed their way and send it somewhere else to I guess effect other people.

Anglican Charismatic Pastor Joe, posted a video on Facebook Thursday evening calling upon Christians to "pray away" the Hurricane.

"Everyone has just decided that the Hurricane is going to hit Florida," Pastor Joe said. "I am challenging all of you to stand firm and speak to this thing and command it to go back out into the ocean."

Pastor Joe then read Psalm 91 from the Message Bible and said God would protect us from the storm he created. "If Jesus stood up in a boat, and commanded the winds to be silent and calm, I believe his followers could do the same."

Pastor Joe then prayed, "Father we speak to this storm! We say to Matthew [the hurricane], Be Gone in Jesus Name! We declare right now that the path its on going west, that God, you would push that thing back out into the sea and dissipate and be gone, in Jesus Name! We declare and decree right now that we will not see the devastation we have seen in past storms."