FLORIDA - Days before, during, and shortly after Hurricane Matthew, God chatter dramatically increased. People on social media and television started to pray to the God they normally could care less about for protection and provision during the storm.

"I normally don't pray. But when I saw the hurricane coming, I asked God to protect me. I am thankful that I didn't experience any damage. Now I can get back to ignoring God in my life like I've always done", Elena Lauren said.

"Sweet Jesus, he spared us during this storm. I was almost ready to make vows and promises to God that I had no intention of keeping. Glad it didn't come to that",  Payton James said.

Heaven itself reported a great increase in prayer. We spoke with an angel and he said, "Prayer has greatly increased during the storm. But that is what normally happens. We see a spike during these times but it always goes back down. You see, their hearts are far from the LORD and they have no interest in repenting and obeying Christ, but are only interested in God's provision. Since electrical power has been restored, prayer has drastically decreased and their apparent need for God is no more."

Some Christians have seen the increase of God chatter on social media as a sign that revival has broken out. "Praise God, people are praising God because God spared them from suffering! God is good, all the time: all the time, God is good! He protects his children!"

"I believe God is doing great things in our midst!", Jimmy Johnson said. "People are praying and helping each other. They are thanking God for their material possessions. If this doesn't prove we are a Christian nation, I don't know what would. God is making America Great Again."

UPDATE: Now that the hurricane has passed and people have power again, God chatter has decreased and no one on TV or social media is calling for prayer or seeking God anymore.