ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA - Elevate Your Life Church announced this past Sunday that they will no longer be preaching and teaching the Bible.

"We sent out surveys in the past about what kind of music the congregation liked or didn't like. It was very revealing. That is why we got rid of those old hymn books with deep theological spiritual music", Senior Pastor Scott Muffins said.

"Recently we realized, we never asked the congregation if they even wanted to be taught the Bible and listen to a sermon. So we asked and 85% of the congregation said they no longer want to be taught the Bible."

The church is excited about their next Sunday service where there will be no more preaching. "It makes my job a lot easier. I don't have to prepare sermons anymore", Pastor Scott said. "I never thought they had an interest in the word of God to begin with. Nothing suggested that. Now the recent survey proves I was right."

They sent out mail and put advertisements in the local newspaper inviting people to come to church where the Bible is not taught or read. So far the church has received a lot of positive feedback about the change to their service.

"We are expecting a large crowd this Sunday. God truly is good!"