ROME, ITALY - Pope Francis dressed up as the antichrist for Halloween this year to the joy of some Protestants that are still left around the world.

The pope was sporting a fake tattoo of the numbers 666 on his right hand and forehead this Halloween. He also decided to go with the traditional devilish garb, wearing horns, holding a pitch fork, while dressed in black and red. He pretended to be a Christian but he really wasn't. He even performed  a mass and said a bunch of 'Hocus Pocus'. He concluded by saying, "Happy Reformation Day!"

Some protestants by conviction and not because of upbringing, said, "Finally the pope has come out of the closet and is showing his true colors. He is the antichrist - his outfit fits him." Others chimed in and said, "We knew the pope was antichrist for centuries."

However some Christians praised the pope for "reaching out to the outcasts" and reaching out to "antichrists" showing the true love of the Savior. "I think what the pope is doing is great. He is addressing the stigma of being labeled an antichrist. No one should ever be labeled an antichrist. After all, we are all made in the image of God."

The pope made it clear that after Halloween is over, he will change back into wearing sheep's clothing.