DENVER, COLORADO - Witnesses confirm Charles Thompson continues to refer to the book of Revelation as the 'book of Revelations' even after being corrected numerous times.

"He just can't seem to get it right", a friend said. "Makes you wonder if he even read that book, let alone opened up the table of contents in his Bible."

"Charles claims it is his favorite book in the Bible because Jesus comes back in it, but he doesn't even get the name of the book right."

Charles isn't the only one that suffers from this problem, numerous Christians have the same problem referring to Revelation as 'Revelations', even though it says Revelation. We spoke to a Mary Brown, a Christian psychologist about this disorder.

"It affects nearly 30% of Christians worldwide. Men tend to be more vulnerable than women for some reason. I have conducted therapy sessions where we read the table of contents on the Bible. No matter how many times they see it, they always come to the last book of Bible and say 'Revelations'. As of 2016, there is no cure."