RENO, NEVADA - A local non-denominational church not known for exercising any church discipline released a statement on their website rebuking the Apostle Paul for name calling and temporarily blinding a man two thousand years ago.

Pastor Jennifer Jones publicly rebuked the Apostle Paul for "not being Christ like" when according to Acts 13:6-12, he called a man a child of the devil that cannot help but pervert the right ways of the Lord.

"This is unacceptable behavior for a Christian," she said. "I don't care if he's an apostle or not, it is wrong to call someone a child of the devil. How does he know that? Is he God?"

Pastor Jennifer continued, "Then to make things worse, instead of using his power to heal like we do, he temporarily blinded a man so he couldn't see for who knows how long! Inexcusable."

Pastor Jennifer has received much praise from social media speaking out against mean, unloving, Bible Thumping Christians.