DENVER, COLORADO - A recent study by Pew Research shows that if you "Like and Share" a Facebook meme, or type "Amen" in the comment box, the Lord is more likely to do your bidding.

"For years I prayed, and prayed, and prayed, to no avail. Then on Facebook, I saw a meme that says I should like and share and type amen for God to answer me. So I did, and God has heard my prayer", Isabella Rose said. "Now I like and share all of these religions memes on Facebook so God will do what I want him to do."

If you really want God to act on your behalf, promoting other people's content on Facebook apparently brings great favor from God, researchers found. Pew research also said, If you like and share something pseudo-religious or pseudo-Christian from a well known celebrity,  that gives you major bonus points with the Almighty.

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