SAN FRANCICSO, CALIFORNIA - A man that claims the name of Christ who also identifies as a pacifist, opened his Bible to Exodus 15:3, and read where the Bible described the LORD as "a man of war". Upon doing so, his knees grew weak and he started to tremble. He became dizzy and started to see stars before passing out. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital.

After waking up from suffering such trauma, the man thought it was all a horrible nightmare, but much to his dismay, it was all too real, and the scripture did describe the LORD as a man of war.

"I can't believe it", the man said as he was given a fair amount of morphine for the pain. "The scripture does call the LORD a man of war in Exodus 15:3. There is no way this passage is inspired by God - my God wouldn't go to war with anyone for any reason. War is never justifiable."