DALLAS, TEXAS - A Church in Dallas showed their devotion to Jesus, and the Dallas Cowboys during last Sunday's worship service.

The pastor started the service by addressing the larger then normal crowds, by saying, "We know you are here to watch the Cowboys game today. So are we. But first we need to do church real quick before we can kick back and root for the team."

After 45 minutes of worship music that included secular songs, a 15 minute sermon was given on something about being able to do all things through Christ that strengthens us. The pastor then prayed, "Lord, strengthen our Cowboys do defeat the Redskins. For Christ's sake, for your glory's sake. Amen." And the congregation said, "Amen."

UPDATE: The church plans on hosting a super bowl party in 2017 after having a successful event on Sunday. They have even considered foregoing church completely and just turning the sanctuary into a dedicated viewing area for sporting events. The church will put this up to a vote next summer.