HOUSTON, TEXAS - Bringing a whole new meaning to "It pays to go to church", a megachurch that has megabucks announced they will be paying people to attend their Christmas service this year, in hopes of bringing more people into the church of God.

They kicked off an ad campaign the week before Christmas with such slogans as, "It pays to go to Church this Christmas!"

And another, "Have You Heard the Joyful Sound? Jesus Saves! And We Pay!"

And another, "Jesus Paid it All, All to Thee We Owe."

The pastor is completely behind the idea, "Jesus said, It is more blessed to give then to receive. This year, we will pay people to come to church. We believe God will be honored and glorified with the increased attendance and the joyful attitude we artificially will induce by giving them some money. I mean, is it really different than the emotions we try to artificially induce in our other services?"

The church is expecting more that 50,000 people to attend their Christmas service this year.