SYRIA - President Elect Donald Trump promised, "We are going to start hearing Merry Christmas again." It appears even ISIS itself, can't stop the Trump train, as they have been compelled to say, "Merry Christmas", seeing they sent out Christmas cards this year.

Christians in Syria and surrounding nations, started to receive Christmas Cards this week from ISIS, that did not say 'Happy Holidays', as in previous years, but specifically used the politically incorrect words, 'Merry Christmas', thus fulfilling Trump's promise.

"I was surprised to get a card from ISIS this year. I thought it was a kind gesture - until I opened it up. It said, 'Merry Christmas' on the front. But when you opened it up, it said, 'Infidel!', a Christian who wished to remain anonymous reported.

Other Christians reported receiving something similar. Some outspoken Christians and Pastors received cards that said, "Silence! I kill you!" The inside of the card had a picture of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, the puppet used by Jeff Dunham in his stand up routines.

When Trump heard that ISIS was now saying 'Merry Christmas', but still 'being mean about it', he said, "This is HUGE! Who would of thought ISIS would be saying Merry Christmas?"