JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - To the disappointment of many, Celebration Church is putting on a Christmas show called 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' about the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, instead of 'The Grinch' after losing the rights to perform it.

For the last 3 years, Celebration celebrated the birth of Christ by doing a show about the Grinch. Unfortunately, this year, they were denied the rights to do 'The Grinch' again, so reluctantly they decided to perform a show about the birth of Christ.

News got out there would be no 'Grinch' this year, just Jesus, and many expressed their sadness.

Some said on social media, "Oh no, NO GRINCH (sad face)".

"What happened to the Grinch? My son even enjoyed the past two years in a row".

"I am very sad to hear that there wasn't a production of 'The Grinch' this year!"

The church responded that they were excited to tell the 'Greatest Story Ever Told' this year, but people weren't that excited, and it showed. Reports have come in that attendance significantly dropped this year, donations collected after the show decreased, and the in-church coffee shop saw a decline in sales after telling people about Jesus.

The Church was quick to make a New Years resolution, "The people have spoken. We made a mistake putting on a Christmas show about Christ. We will never repeat this mistake again. By God's grace, we will give you the Grinch instead of Jesus next year!"