AMERICA - Another Celebrity has died, and Christians are looking for ways to put them in heaven because they like a movie they were in, a song they wrote, or whatever.

Many have voiced their sadness for the death of a celebrity they like, not being able to bear another celebrity's death in 2016. "I swear if 2016 takes Betty White next!", one angry person said. "2016. Worst year ever. Rest in Peace, (pick your celebrity)", Ryan said.

Some have gone to great lengths to try and figure out a way to put them through the gates of heaven. "Theology Matters, only if it isn't involving someone that I like that I know is not a Christian", Michael said. "She was my first crush..."

"I am determined to put them in heaven no matter what. I mean I like them, so God must accept them, right?" Alicia said.

Other Christians assume that upon death, a person is guaranteed an entrance into the third heaven, except a few people like Hitler, Stalin, and Judas Iscariot.

FORECAST: The Holy Wit predicts that in 2017 more celebrities will die and towards the end of 2017 we will see the same thing take place.