AMERICA - Charismatics around the country are preparing to ring in the New Year by being "Drunk in the Spirit".

Many church's have "Holy Ghost Bartenders" standing by ready to fill you up till you overflow. Everyone that attends says the New Years Eve service is intoxicating, leaving you wondering what happened the night before.

"It's a great time with friends and family. We get drunk in the Spirit and fall down and roll over and sometimes bark", Josh said. "Every one just starts screaming in unknown tongues and we pray that God's fire would fall on us and consume us."

Some churches reported they have designated drivers standing by ready to bring you home if you are too "drunk in the Spirit" to walk, drive a car, or speak in a known tongue.

"We are here to help," Jasmine said. "If you find yourself slain in the Spirit, unable to walk upright, one of our drivers will take you home."

Usually there are "Holy Ghost hangovers" the day after, so church attendance is expected to decline tomorrow.