PENSECOLA, FLORIDA - A KJV Onlyist and known gnat strainer and camel swallower was found raging once again after he purchased an expensive Bible online, only to find the Bible publisher used Goatskin leather instead of Lambskin.

"Are you kidding me! I spent $200 for them to give me a Bible in goatskin instead of Sheepskin? Don't those idiots know that the goats are damned and the sheep are saved!", Mark said. "Anyone who would knowingly wrap the Holy Bible in goatkskin leather is the devil!"

Mark quickly opened to Matthew 25 where Jesus separates the goats from the sheep, "Hello it's right there. The problem is these Bible publishers are not Bible Believers and are just trying to make money. Money is the root of all evil like it says in the 1611 KJV, not a root all kinds of evil like the perverted versions say."

Mark continued to rant and rave for another 20 minutes. He decided to return the Bible and purchase a new one.

He received a different Bible a week later and this Bible was not in Goatskin leather, but rather bonded leather.

Mark became enraged again and started to scream, "The word of God is not bound!", quoting 2 Timothy 2:9. "What an offense to a Holy God, to put out a Bible in 'bounded leather'. We are no longer in chains or in bonds. What is wrong with these people?"