Grand Rapids, MI - In spring of 2017, Zondervan plans on publishing a new line of Bibles that come pre-highlighted and pre-marked and underlined, so it looks like you actually read it.

Last year, Zondervan saw great success with Bible Art Journals where nearly every page has some Bible art in the margins. Instead of reading holy scripture, you spend your time coloring in the margins. Now for 2017, they plan on selling Bibles that have highlights on every page.

"This gives the appearance that you have actually read and studied the Bible in great detail", Robert said. "If you ever decided to open up your Bible, and someone saw you, they would be immediately impressed by how studious you were."

"There will be different options available. Some will have about 20% highlights on nearly every page of the New Testament. This will be the cheapest option."

"Another option has 50% highlights in many colors, along with pen markings and underlines, especially in the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. This will cost a little more.", Robert added.

"Lastly there is a third option and the most expensive, we call it the 'The Apostolic Bible'. This is for those that want to give the impression that they are like an apostle. This will include 75% highlights in many colors, pen markings and underlines everywhere, including the Old Testament books no one typically reads."

"Not only that, the cover will have holes and tears in it, and some pages will have burnt marks on it - this will give the impression that you have endured fiery trials and escaped all kinds of perils and persecution", Robert continued. "The Apostolic Bible consistently performed the best in our focus groups. It causes you to have an appearance of holiness that no one can overlook."

Many have praised the idea of these new Bibles and Zondervan is seeing a ton of pre-orders come in.

"We believe this will transform your life because others will think more highly of you than they ought to think, and that can only be to your advantage."