WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA - According to their tradition, First Baptist Church held their annual revival meeting this week where they sang the famous hymn, 'Revive Us Again' - unenthusiastically.

For months leading up to the revival, the pastor kept announcing that the revival was coming, that the revival was coming, and people need to get ready for it. "We need revival", the pastor said. "We must needs have a revival service."

When the week of the revival came, the attendance was rather low and it became quite apparent the church members didn't want revival.

"The famous revival song was sung Sunday morning, 'Revive Us Again', but you couldn't tell they wanted to be revived", Luke said. "It was sung in such a way that the hypocrisy and halfheartedness of the congregation became manifest."

Luke reported, "Even the food at the traditional after service pot luck was lukewarm."