DALLAS, TEXAS - Kevin Love, who also goes by K-Love, recently took a selfie when he was putting his money in the offering plate at church Sunday morning.

Here is what happened. One of the ushers was walking down the aisle and passing the plate around. Then he came to K-Love, who grabbed the plate, took out his cellphone and a thick wad of dollar bills, and snapped a picture of himself putting the money in the plate. He then put his cellphone away, handed the plate back to the usher and smiled.

After the shock went away, the user moved on to the next row. It was at that time K-Love took out his cellphone again, and immediately posted his good deed to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that everyone would know how great he is for giving money to the church.

"I want men to see my good works... you know, so they can glorify the Father in heaven. It's scriptural", Kevin said. "It is more blessed to give then to receive. I am a giver. And I want everyone to know that and have absolute proof of that. I mean, how else could I seek the praise and glory of men, if they don't know all of the good things I do? That is why I took a picture of myself giving money to the church, and immediately posted it to social media."